Friday, March 29, 2013

Mr. Yi

 This little man joined me for 
 a newborn mini 
Better to budget for a few great pics than a bunch 
of meh ones right? Ya you big box stores...I'm talking to you 
we got SO much done with him 
and he was too sweet
I could have shot his cute little mug all day

Miss A's birthday

MY OH MY was miss Ally so cute. 
her mom brought the most darling birthday themed goodies
to play dress up and celebrate this gals very first one!
Not only did she dig into a cake but 
got to take a bubble bath after!
she liked the bath better ;)

Baby Bluebird Mason

Finishing up this sweet little man's session and I just had to blog some of my favorites!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Orchard Blossoms and Mini Sessions

Spring is almost here! I'm going to hold my ONLY other mini sessions this year in the Orchard with all the gorgeous blossoms.
I've already booked half the spaces  so email me quickly if you'd like in on this! I'll have my dress ups and tea set all ready for cute little girlies and some fun things for the gentlemen as well!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paxton turns one!

 What is not to love about Paxton? His mom's probably as much in love with 
pictures as I am and 
as a result this
cute kid has become a regular around these parts. ( run on sentence anyone? )
I'll shoot his sweet mug anytime! his birthday theme is rockstar and I can only
imagine how cute it's gonna be. Happy Birthday little man 

A birth story

While I don't prefer to be present for the actual birth of babies, I absolutely love coming the morning after and capturing those very first moments while still in the hospital. It's precious time and moments
often overlooked and easily forgotten.
I wanted to share a few I snapped of Sweet Graham, my sisters first baby and 
my newest nephew!