Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Workshop for you UTAH LOCALS

No your not dreaming! I've decided since our March 2014
 Utah Master of Fun workshop will have a distance requirement for 
our attendees 
( and it's going to 
be amazing btw ) 

 that I'm allowing you locals to me to join in on this
minishop in Nov! 
This won't happen again any time soon either ;)

email me to claim your seat!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Christmas minis??? Yes no maybe so???

I am REALLY tempted to host Christmas 
mini's this year. 
I am just in love with the Holiday and 
it was so much fun last time 
we did it! 
I am thinking it would be a 
15 min 3 image download
for $65. You can add a sibling and 
a picture for $10 ea.

Our mini's include a Christmas set up with all the bells and whistles ( you can choose as little propage ( is that a word? ) or as much as you'd like. I will offer a timeless less seasonal backdrop for traditional potraits.

Treats and lots of Christmas spirit included!
Email me at bluebpics@gmail.com if you
are interested, I need a better idea before I officially roll it out.