Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Bluebird Brody

I'm a little out of order and a bunch of posts behind 
but hey....who's perfect??

here's a peek at Baby Bluebird Brody
He was such a doll!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Workshops are HARD work

Needless to say our spring workshops 
have been a BLAST.
I'd be lying if I said they were a cinch 
 it is beyond tiring.
The first night of the first workshop I was so 
exhausted I wanted to cry.
So far we've visited Atlanta and Ohio. Next week 
we're off to Michigan
and then ending our tour with Houston.
I feel so lucky and blessed that 
there are people out there willing to pay for Hannah and I 
to come out and teach them what we do. 
I never ever thought I'd get to that point and 
it's an honor. Nothing's better than being 
able to travel and do what you love.
I don't get to snap too many pics since we're 
busy instructing our attendees and letting
them take all the pictures. What I did snap, I wanted
to share. If you are a photog , and not in our workshop areas,
I also do 1:1 mentoring which isn't a bad idea if you're 
at least near Utah 
( students must live 75 miles or more from Utah county ) 
Come spend the day with me!

Mr K

It was cold and windy and that didn't make for a happy little sister 
but Kaden was all smiles as usual and we had a quick and fun mini session 

Baby Bluebird Emma

What can I say. I love doing this. Baby Bluebird Emma was a doll
and snoozed most of her session. It's been so fun having newborn girls around here
after so many boys!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby Bluebird Sneak peek

This is for Miss B and her GORGEOUS mom
This beautiful babe was an angel this morning.
Can't wait to share more