Thursday, April 18, 2013

Workshops are HARD work

Needless to say our spring workshops 
have been a BLAST.
I'd be lying if I said they were a cinch 
 it is beyond tiring.
The first night of the first workshop I was so 
exhausted I wanted to cry.
So far we've visited Atlanta and Ohio. Next week 
we're off to Michigan
and then ending our tour with Houston.
I feel so lucky and blessed that 
there are people out there willing to pay for Hannah and I 
to come out and teach them what we do. 
I never ever thought I'd get to that point and 
it's an honor. Nothing's better than being 
able to travel and do what you love.
I don't get to snap too many pics since we're 
busy instructing our attendees and letting
them take all the pictures. What I did snap, I wanted
to share. If you are a photog , and not in our workshop areas,
I also do 1:1 mentoring which isn't a bad idea if you're 
at least near Utah 
( students must live 75 miles or more from Utah county ) 
Come spend the day with me!

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